Sunday, April 25, 2010

MY life Chapter 1

I have never shared the full details of my life. Not even with my family. I believe by writing them down will help me better understand myself. I was born November 11th 1985 at 7:11 a.m (Yes 7:11) I weighed a little over 7 lbs. My parents Suzie and Michael Garhartt. From memories I can recall when I was child I had a loving family. I spent many days with my grandmother. She taught me spanish at a young age and I remember when she made me peanut butter and jelly sandwhichs that she would make a heart in the peanut butter. Something I still do to this day. My Mom was very hands on with us and I can remember the first time I ever saw snow and went sledding. My father holding on me tight making sure I did not fall off. I can remember hearing them argue , yell and shout at nights. I remember the night when my Dad left. I held on the the railing of the apartment. Watching him in a total 80's white and Black foe fur coat. I watched him walk all the way to his car without looking back once. My Mom worked 3 jobs to keep us afloat! I rarely saw her. My first day of school my Mom walked me to class I was so afraid. I was a very shy kid and still to this day. My very first friend was a girl named Samantha and soon followed Silvia a girl that was about three years older than me. She lived across the way and we would play make believe. We would take old cardboard boxes and cut out windows for our pretend home. We did not have a lot of money so what we had we kept good care of it. Samantha lived in an apartment complex two blocks from me and we spent a lot of time together. I was devastated when she moved up north just after 2nd grade. That was a way of life for me when I was younger. People would move away due to changes in lifestyle. Promotion at work or moving with family to save money. I can still see there faces and sometimes wonder how they are in life. Where they are these days. I was good in school. I loved learning I loved my teachers. I grew up with brothers and I looked up to them and wanted to do everything they did. I joined a bobby sox team when My older brother Dustyn joined little league. I got hit by a baseball bat to the mouth and never played again. Aril(and yes she had read hair) was supposed to be at plate and took one last swing when I came out to the batters box she clocked me pretty hard. This was not my only run in with a baseball bat either! So now I stay clear of them. My Dad was there and took me to Urgent care and after got me food from wendi's. He got me fries and the salt stung my gums from the lose teeth and open sores in my mouth from where teeth used to be. I saw my Father every so often. He was busy with work and rarely made it to important occasions in my life. Like award ceremonies. Plays or Christmas shows that I was in. I would look out in the crowd for him but was disapointed when he was a no show. My Mom was always there when I was younger. I would pray for my parents to get back together. I was upset to see my Father had moved on so quickly from my Mother. He was dating a woman named Cris. She was beautiful. She looked like a model. I use to think she looked like Cindy Crawford. I never knew the reasoning to why my parents divorce till I was much older. My father had an affair with Cris. She caught them at a movie together "Pretty Woman" I always wondered why my mother still refuses to see that movie. I do not hate my Father for what he did. I always carried on and loved him just as I did before. My Mom soon began to date as well. Than she meet Rick and my life turned upside down.