Friday, May 7, 2010

MY life chapter 2

The years of 1992 and 1993 were ruff. During 3rd grade my brother and I were bike riding at Rick's Mother's home. My brother Dustyn built a little ramp made out of a thin piece of sheeted wood and brick. I watched him go up and down and I too wanted to do the same thing. I went over the first time with ease and decided to do that again. But this time with more speed. I hit the ramp swerving than hit a left over brick in the road and fell hard onto my right arm. Rick's Mother wrapped my arm in a self made sling out of a towel linen. I was tired from the ordeal and remembered falling asleep and waking up in pain as I realized was laying on my hurt arm. My Mom took me to urgent care where I found out I had sprained my elbow and wrist. I was placed in a sling and wrapped in ace bandages with a splint. I went to school and struggled writing. I was embarrassed by my poor penmen ship and some kids in class made fun of it. My teacher recognized it and had the entire class write with the opposite hand that they were familiar with. I was in shock and felt a hint of happiness for what she did. My fellow classmates were more aware of my struggle and did not tease me anymore. Late that year I was pulled out of class as my Mom gave me the news of my Grandma being ill. My brothers and I were taken to the hospital and I still see the hospital layout. My Grandma in bed as we too climbed in to lay with her. Her faint voice but always a hint of laughter. I remember waiting in a huge waiting room coloring in my "Little Mermaid" coloring book. My family spent many days there. My Mom's friend Paul came by to take us out to dinner to allow my Mom a break. Paul took us to Taco Bell one of our favorites when I was younger. We were laughing and having a good time when Paul picked up the phone. He rushed us home to my crying Mother and she hugged us telling us of her Grandma's passing. I could not imagine what she went through to tell her Children of death and loss for the first. I did not finish my 3rd grade year but was excused by my academics and grievance. That summer I had to say good bye to my friend and my Grandma. Someone I still miss to this day. Rick was kind to us with my Grandma's passing. Playing with the vulnerability we were facing. He married my Mom also that summer. Marrying in Vegas. I cried at their wedding because I did not want her to marry him. My Grandma told me I had a way of knowing people and Rick did not feel good to me. He made me worry .