Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every song ends but is that any reason not to enjoy the music?

I started a blog a long time ago about how you can tell a lot about someone from what is on their i-pod. Well I decided to talk about that. My I-pod is really random. You get a lot of different blends of music. For example Flo Rida to Andre Rieu or MOTAB to Death Cab for Cutie. One day last semester I was with my friend. When he grabbed my I-Pod and began to scroll through it. He laughed and I asked "What is so funny." He wouldn't tell me, but i bet it was some of my song choices that surprised him. I usually download my song choices by mood. Like if I am happy you got upbeat dance music or feel good music like Lady Gaga or Shiny Toy Guns. Angry you get some Linkin Park or girl power music of Beyonce. Sad well that is when death cab for cutie comes in or some coldplay. When I was driving ealrier today. I decided to turn my I-pod to a song called "Title and Registration." My wipers went with the beat of the music. I began to look around me and see the cars passing and the background of the snowy mountains. I used to take my I-pod back home to my favorite spot and would go for a walk. As I was walking along I began to notice my surroundings. People running their stresses away. Couples holding hands. Kids running around as their parents chased them. Felt like I was watching a video...the soundtrack of life as I call it. Another thing I like to do and some people may find it silly, but I like to play music and lay on my bed close my eyes and see the video that plays out in my head. Like if I was directing a music video to this song how would I envision it. Another thing I would do as I would lay there is I would think about my life past recent or future. See how my life would be interpreted to this song.  I used to think that you could tell a lot about someone from their music selection, but I have come to realize that you really can't. Like how they say don't judge a book by its cover. Well I would say you can't judge an I-Pod by Artist selection. Haha I know that was Lame :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A weekend getaway

This past weekend my older brother came up to visit me. I was really excited. Like you may have heard me say that I thought he was the last person to ever visit me. I am the only Mormon member in my family. My older brother was very against me joining the church. For a long time he would make fun of Mormons and say really hurtful things to me regarding my decision. After a few years went by he began to realize like most of my family the only thing that changed about me was that I had different faith. I was still the goofy old Brenna. When he called me back in January to tell me he was coming up he seemed really excited and so was I. This past weekend we went to Snowbasin and went snowboarding and Skiing. For the first half of the day we got to talk and hang out while we were on the lifts. He asked me the typical big brother question like am I happy here and am I seeing someone. I told him that I am happy here and that I like being n my own. I also informed him that I was not dating anybody. He seemed to not believe me. He told me that my mom said that I have been hanging out with a guy. I told him I hang out with a lot of guys. He than said well when you do I would like to meet him. I guess this goes back to the time when I changed my myspace status to "in a relationship" and that was before I left to Utah 3 summers ago. He called me all upset that he did not know I was dating. I told him I did that just for kicks and that I was not seeing anyone. Once again he didn't believe me. I guess he still is not over that. Anyways we had a good time going down the slopes. I only fell once and it hurt pretty bad. A guy coming down had to help me pop my skis off because they were crossed and stuck funny. My brother's girlfriend came up with him as well. It was her first time out she had never snowboarded before and after he lesson my brother pushed he to go on the slope that I had fell on. It was pretty scary there were a couple of parts that allowed no room for error. She was so scared and fell many times coming down she got halfway down and broke down. I felt bad for her and my brother should not have taken her because this is all new to her. But he is very stubborn and does what he wants. So halfway down the slope I had to deal with them fighting and arguing. After we were done we were all extremely tired. We cleaned up and went to take naps! When I got up my knee was in pain going up and down the stairs of the condo was very hard. My brother felt bad about what happened so he decided to treat the girls and made us dinner and watched movies. Than Sunday we went into Salt Lake City and went around Temple square. My brother's girlfriend dated a Mormon guy and knew a lot about the temple and church stuff. My brother to my surprise asked a lot of questions about the church. Like what was the conference center for and why do have General Conferences. Felt good to teach him about my faith and for him to want to listen! I did not want to leave that night but as I drove them back to the condo I felt an overwhelming sadness. I had a piece of home with me and I wished I could always have that. My brother fell in love with the natural beauty of Utah and said he would be back in the summer to go mountain biking and this time he wants to stay somewhere close to me so he can see my friends and where I live. We even agreed that the whole family should come up in the winter for a trip. My sister is going to come up to visit me. She is really excited! I can't wait to have her here and to show her around as well. I am glad that I am able to share with my family a piece of me and to teach them more about my faith. I will post pictures from the weekend once I get them from Katie. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There is no place like home

So lately I have been feeling a little home sick. I knew moving here to Utah was going to be a struggle. As my Bishop concealed to me that the "Grass Is not Greener anywhere," and that I will have a hard time. I never had to move around a lot when I was a little girl. I remember when the new kids that moved into my class. I thought they were so cool because they were the new kids on campus. They made friends easily...well at least from where I am. So moving here was an exciting thing because I would make some new friends and find myself more. I hate to say but making friends here has been a little difficult...I meet people from my ward. We hang out talk and have a good time but that is the last I hear from them. I will see those that I meet from my complex walking around and I was say hello and of course they say hi back, but once again that is it. I know I don't have the most outgoing personality and I have come a long way! I used be as one boy called me my freshman year in high school a "hermit." I was not very social. I would just stick with what was familiar to me. Now I talk to people and introduce myself as well as hold meaningful conversations. I miss home mainly for my family. When I would have low days my Mom's home was always open to me. I would curl up on the couch with her and talk to her about all my worries and stresses.My Mom would always have the best words and ways to cheer me up. Here if I have a day like that I either call her or take my car for a drive and play my music. After a therapeutic session of pondering and pray I would return home. I hate putting myself out there sometimes to meet people. Especially when your talking and they kinda blow you off with short and brief answers like your boring them. I feel kinda like a fool.I just want to feel like I am someone people like to be around...well sorry again for another boring rant.