Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend was a lot of fun. On friday night a group of friends I went to the haunted trial. I was so excited I love to be scared and also I like to scare my friend Lindsey because she gets scared easily. As we stood in this rediculious line for 25 minutes only to be stuck in another 25 minute line to get officially in. There was this one dead guy that blended into the line because it was so dark. I was caught off guard when I turned and saw this dead looking guy staring at me and all off a sudden he did this crazy noise. I screamed and I think he enjoyed my fright and he kept coming for me in the line. I finally decided to hide behind my friend Kyle. I was never in the clear with that guy he must have had a radar for me because he came after 2 other times in line. I joked and said "I guess I only attract undead men." The haunted trial itself was semi scary I was a little dissapointed. I think the only thing that was scary was this guy that had this creepy cat/rat like screeching voice that chased me around. All the guys in the group laughed and said "they must really like you."  It was a lot of fun though, but I had to get home in time to get some sleep to head to the desert for the next day. I have never been to the desert I was really excited.  I could not believe that the desert was only an hour and a half away. When we got there my sister took me around in the razor and than it was my turn to drive. If you don't know me I love speed. So I went around the camp to get used to it then headed to the dunes. Let me just say "amazing!" Then Carl took me in the dune buggy. We had fun until he got stuck. We both got out along with Kevin and my mom's boyfriend Gordon to dig the buggy out of the dune to push it down the hill. So I guess they broke me in easily. Then on the last ride out my sister took me on the razor. We were cruising along around the back ends of camp. When she was not paying attention and rammed the razor into this embankment than up and to only land into another one. My body lunged forward causing the seatbelt to give me this ricked bruise and road rash. My sister stopped to check on me. I turned to her to cover my face. I am usually a tough cookie,but tears were coming down my face so I covered them. I mumbled to her that I was fine and to get us back safely. When we got back I jumped out to check my neck because I was unsure what the damage was. My sister felt bad and began crying. I reassured her and told her I am okay and not to worry. My mom and Aunt tended to me in the other motor home. After they were done I went to tend to my sister and see if she was o.k She has bruising on her wrist and a mark on her neck. I told her it was an accident and I am not upset with her. My Mom and my friend told me today that I should go to the Doctor since I am still sore. I will go just as a precaution. All I have to say is every adventurous trip I tend to come back bruised and broken. UGH. Here are some pictures from the desert :)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trolley Ride

So I have never been on a Trolley by myself. I had to take the trolley to meet up with my family halfway to carpool up to an event. I was really nervous and a little scared to be honest. I took the trolley around 4 p.m when people are catching it to take home. I had maybe 6 stops til i arrived to my stop. I sat by myself when this older couple came on from the second stop. They sat across from me and struck up a conversation. They talked about places to eat and suggested one for me. Then the lady talked about how they meet. She is from New York and her husband from Minnesota. They meet in college at SDSU. She said that they always hung out as friends going on group outings. They found out later that they both liked each other but both never said anything. I asked, "well someone had to make the first move." "Who was it?" The lady smiled and said "I did," and went on to explain she called him that her fire alarm wouldn't go off. He said he would be over shortly to fix it. The fire alarm was not working simply because she took the batteries out and when he got there she made him dinner. I smiled at their story and couldn't help but notice the way they smiled at each other. They looked like a younger couple telling each other that they love each other for the first time. After the story they asked me if I had anyone. I said that I don't. The lady just smiled and complimented me by saying "I beat you are a heart breaker"  I just smiled and said "I'm not sure about that." She smiled and than said "You are have to think of yourself more highly...your a pretty girl." The next stop came and more people piled in. They kept talking to me about school and if I was going to SDSU. Then my stop came and I politely said good bye. The couple smiled at me and told me to have a good day. That couple was so cute. I couldn't help but tell my story to my family. I also thought about what she said. I need to have more self-esteem and to think more highly of myself.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tonight Tonight

So I got home from school and went on my e-mail. There before me was an e-mail from BYU. I already knew I didn't stand a chance, but it was worth a try. I guess I should be happy with myself for even trying. I then got a call from my friend Rosalinda and told her I did not get in. I became so confused when she asked so now your staying in San Diego. I said I have no clue. Next month I am going up to see my Aunt in L.A. I am excited to see her. I thought for awhile that I should move to L.A cause there is no other school that I know of in Utah that has a good film program. But after reading a blog about how he loves being at BYU to be reminded of the Gospel. I began to think of when I prayed about going to Utah and I received my answer. I should not go because of my own personal needs to do what I want. I am on the Lords time. I am moving to Utah and I don't know what it will hold for me. The only way to know is to go and see. All I know is looks like UVU to me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

If you really want to know

I was going though my old notebox. Which consist of letters from old boyfriends,notes from high school,old programs from cheer competition,valentines and concert ticket stubs. I began reading through them and I came across a letter from one of my ex's that he sent me.  He titled the letter "All About Brenna." He was composing through all our conversations things about me. He listed...
-Brenna's favorite candy is Recess Pieces
- Favorite foods are Sushi and Mexican 
- Her favorite restaurant is Ono's 
- The cutest thing a guy has done for her is when she was sick for a week her best guy friend Mike made her chicken noodle soup and brought her 7up. As well as her favorite movies.
- She is the middle child she has an older brother Dustyn, younger brother Nik and sister J.C (Jacqulyn). I also have a little brother D'artagnen but when we dated he was not born yet.
- She went to El Capitan
- She volunteer coaches for Pop Warner and loves it.
- She loves the scent of vanilla.
- She converted to the church when she was 19.
- Her first kiss was at Disneyland.
- She is very passionate about music
- Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
- She has only gotten flowers from a boyfriend once before she dated me.
- Her favorite flowers are tulips, sunflowers and water lilies 
- Her first boyfriend's name was Brett

and it goes on some more but I think that is good for now. I can't give all the things about me away :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brenna's infinite playist

So today after being home alone half the day I decided to go out on my own. So I hopped in my car and drove over to the mall and got some new Victoria Secret body spray which is so yummy. Then I was walking around and thought I really want to see Nick and Norah's infinite playlist. I got in line by myself and headed into the theater and sat down. I decided I had sometime to kill I will text cha cha asking "does going to see a movie by yourself make you lame?" Cha Cha replied "I have seen movies by myself because it is hard to get my friends together for a movie. That does not make you lame." I have gone to many movies by myself before and usual don't mind but today I felt like such a loser. The 20 minute deal thingy was done and the movie started. I won't give the movie completely away, but watching the movie made me reflect on myself.The movie takes place basically through out this one night and the crazy things that happen to these characters is hilarious but at the same time real. I began thinking of the best nights I had. I miss those days. Also the whole music aspect of the movie. I don't tell many people this but I have an Aunt who is famous. She is a song writer/record label owner/music video director/singer. A lot of you know that my major is film/TV.  I was discussing with my friend from high school about where I want to go to school for my major. She was like why don't you just intern for your Aunt she can teach you the inns and outs. The process would be easier. I considered the idea and realized I want to build my success. I don't want things to be handed to me. Just like the character Norah. If you know me I think after you see this movie you might see little spats of Brenna in there. Like love of music/love life/disappointments. I am going to go off on a little on the side for a second but I haven't dated anyone since Alan. Meaning I have been single for 2 1/2 years now and when I saw my ex. in Utah well lets just I felt more lame than ever. So if you watch the movie you might catch that as well anyways enough with me comparing myself to a movie. I had a good day though just waiting for my infinite playlist to begin :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Some of my Fears

1. Sharks: Living in California it is only right that you surf or have surfed at least once. When I was younger my brothers and I would spend the summer with our Dad in La Jolla. We went to the beach every weekend it seemed like. I was quit adventurous my brother and I would take our boards to Torrey Pines where you basically ride the current out to the ocean. Which was helpful because it saved you from paddling out. One day however my board took another direction and I cut my knee open on a rock. Thanks to all my fascination with sharks I began freaking out that I might attract a shark. No shark showed up however. Then in 8th grade our whole class had graduation day at the beach (La Jolla Shores) My friends and I we on boggy boards when we spotted a shark. I flipped out the shark was almost the same size as me. My friend was in shock as well. We did not know what do so we began making our way back. When we reached shore we screamed "Did you see that!" I now only go waist deep in the ocean. 

 Bee stings: Simply because I never been stung and never wish to be!

 Snakes: They are just creep me out. I held an albino boa like the one Britney Spears held on the VMAS. It was pretty cool until it slithered up my arm and I saw its head next to mine. Plus I hear that snake bites hurt like heck! I must watch to many discovery channel shows!

4. Dark Water: I hate that I can't see what is bellow me. I think is kinda has to do with the whole fear of shark thing.

 Needles: Thanks to my Mom for forever traumatizing me when I was young. For my 8th birthday my Mom took be to the doctor for a flu shot and then to the dentist for a cavity shot. Also one time I  was getting a shot and the nurse hit my arm funny and the muscles in my armed tightened and my arm bruised pretty bad to the point that I could not lift that arm for cheer practice. I remember 3 years ago I had to get blood drawn because I had been really sick for a month. My friends were kind enough to go with me I squeezed one of my friend's hand tight and was like I am so sorry. I told them to keep me distracted so I would not look at the needle and freak out. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time to Kill

Well at the moment I am sitting at the institute and I was thinking of things that I do. My brother is very helpful when it comes to dating advice. I asked him a question which was this one time I was on a date with this guy who had manual locks to his car. He politely opened the door for me which was not expected. I slid in and in return slid over to unlock and open his door. He smiled and said thank you. I asked my brother if that was weird. He replied "No, one time I was on a date and a girl did that for me." "It made me like the girl a little more." So I feel a little relieved. I don't know if I am strange but I do not like the chivary act of opening the car door I always feel so awkward when the guy opens the door and I am sitting there quietly waiting for him to get in. I had a boyfriend that did that for me all the time and I think I offended him when I opened my door once. My good friend Tyler and I used to talk about this all the time. I tell him I don't mind opening doors some times. He said however that a guy should always open the doors for you. I don't get upset if i open it or not does not matter I guess. Im very low key and mellow so I don't freak out when it does not happen, but when it does I am appreciative and do a gesture to them to let them know. Don't get me wrong chivary gestures are awesome just the open car door thing is not a necessity. So if I go on date you never know what your gonna get ;)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You May Have Never Known

Some of you know things about me some do not so I am going to give you some tidbits about me.

In high school I was a cheerleader. I have cheered for 7 years.  I started cheerleading in 5th grade for pop warner. I liked it so much I cheered 2 years in middle school and all 4 years in high school. I also did competition cheer (ALLSTARS). However I was not your typical cheerleader. When I tell people that I was a cheerleader they are very surprised they usually stereotype the ditzy part of cheerleading. I also coached cheer for 4 years and I loved it. I know the picture I inserted  came out small. The picture is of my senior year on varsity I am in the middle row far left.

 I have been hit in the head twice by a baseball bat. The first time is when I played bobby soxs.  My teammate Aril was in the batters box she was supposed to be at the plate. I was next to bat and was heading to the batters box. Aril took one last swing a hit me with the bat in my face knocking me out as well as my front teeth.  The other time was in middle school when we were playing baseball during P.E. A girl named Patty was up to bat. I was in line with others from my class when Patty swung  and released the bat. The bat flew in the air and hit me on the side of my face. This time I was not knocked out or lost any of my teeth thank goodness.

3. I  Dance! People say that I am good dancer. I make up dance routines when I am bored. I also hold "Girls Nights" when I am house sitting and we dance around. My friends ask me to teach them and I do. I want to get back into dancing I mainly dance hip hop. I used to take classes and it was so much fun and I really get into. When I was younger I used to dance Ballet and Jazz.  So I have dancing in my blood

4. I used to be a cowgirl haha.  My aunt and her ex-husband used to live out in arizona and they had a ranch. Over the summer my family would go to visit them. My Uncle would have me follow him around the ranch and I would help him out. One day he asked me if I wanted to get on a horse. I was so excited and said yes. After he taught me the inns and outs I became a little cowgirl. You could not get me to come home some times. One day my Uncle thought that I was able to graduate and was going to take me horse back riding in the mountains. I remember the saddle was too big. My original saddle was missing so that was a problem. My uncle opened the gate to let me through and then went to shut it. My horse then got spooked and took off. I tried pulling on the reins, but she would not stop. I remember closing my eyes and praying. I don't remember falling off or how I even did. I just remember waking up and being in a pile of rocks. I felt my head and saw blood and freaked out and passed out again. When I awoke I was home and my Mom was washing the blood out of my head and pulling out rock pebbles. After my accident I was not able to get back on a horse for a long time, but thanks to my friend Sara and I over came my fear. 

5. I am song writer. When ever I have good days or bad I pull out my pen and translate how I feel to song. I have songs from high school til now. I love writing them. I have to admit some are corny and some are quit good. I have about a box full of songs. 

My Walk To Remember List

Awhile back my old roommate Lori and I were watching the movie "A Walk To Remember." For those who have not seen the movie.  The character Jamie makes a list of things that she would like to do before she dies. So my roommate Lori and I decided to make a list. So here is my list...

1.Go To France and Italy
2. Go to BYU and complete school
3.Do a study abroad 
4. Get married in the Temple
5. Do a service mission in South America and Africa 
6.  Save money so that I can support my parents and take care of them when they grow old. 
7.  Adopt children and have children of my own
8. Do volunteer services for my community
9. Donate money to an organization:Train for a marathon to raise money
10. Do a cancer walk
11. Work at a Charity Ball
12.  Visit all the Temples
13.  Go to Navoo and the sacred gove
14. Go skydiving 
15. Go in a hot air balloon 
16. Go mountain biking
17. Coach High School Cheer
18. Learn and play the piano
19. Be on a college dance team 
20. Go to Hawaii 
21: Open an art studio or have one in my home
22. Write and Produce a top 100 song
23. Swim with the dolphins 
24. Go horse back riding on the beach or in the mountains
25.  Learn to snowboard
26. Start a clothing line that is modest
27. get tan again hahaha
28. Go wake boarding
29. Have a house 
30. Go to Film school
31. Be fluent in French and Spanish 
32. Get back to my high school size.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The way I sleep

From My recent trip to Utah I was hanging out with these girls and they we discussing things that they do out of habit. For example sleeping with a night light. Then my friend Rosalinda was talking how she can't sleep alone. I got to thinking of what I do when i need to sleep. I have a pillow called the cuddley pillow when i fall asleep i wrap my arms around it and fall asleep. Without my cuddley pillow i find falling asleep very hard! Also i can't sleep in complete silence alone so i play my ipod music to help me fall asleep. What else oh!  I house sit sometimes or if i am home alone I have to sleep with the t.v (cartoons) and a light on in the hall way or bathroom. I think that is because i watched to many scary movies when i was a kid. So those are my weird sleeping habits.