Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2:December 24

I set my alarm to wake me up early to surprise my Mom. I rolled out of bed excited and walked over to my Mom's room she was at the dresser and she looked at me and said "Brenna?" she had a stunned look on her face and than asked "Did you get here last night. Which I replied "Yeah I did." She than asked how I got here there. I said Joyce got me. She must have been tired because she said "That was nice of Joyce to come and get you." I laughed and I said "No Mom I flew in." She than called me a punk for tricking her and gave me a huge hug. After she went to work I went back to bed to catch up on some needed sleep. Later that day the family and I went to Temecula to my Aunt's for Christmas Eve dinner. It was good to be with family I haven't seen in awhile and to see my little cousins. Who want to know every detail of my college life. They are 13 so they are really into boy talk. I told them about my friends the snow and boys I have gone dates with. But told them no boy though. My cousin Morgan followed me around through out the night and danced to christmas songs. My littlest cousin James(he is 5) is so adorable and kept putting me in the naughty chair for being naughty. It was his new favorite game to make me sit and trap me on the chair.I enjoyed that night and spending time with people I love. I than went to my Dad's to surprise him. He was happy to see me and like my Mom thought I was a punk for not telling him.After some quality time with my Dad I went home to sleep.